List of Public Domain (Free) Books for Kids, by Grade Level

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I’m a frequent user of Project Gutenberg, which distributes free eBook versions of books in the public domain.

Be A Learning Hero, a site I administer, has great lists of suggested books for kids to read at each grade level, and guides to aid parents in discussions with kids about those books. In working on getting that launched this summer, I wanted to know if any of our books were available at Project Gutenberg, so we could just link to them (none were, but we added WorldCat links to make it easy to find them at a local library).

Anyway, while working on that, I realized that there is no convenient online list of free books for kids, organized by grade level. There are lists of public domain books for kids, and there are lists of books for kids by grade level, but nobody seems to have combined it all in one place. So I thought: SEO gold!! And then I put this together.

If you know of more good free books for kids, let me know in the comments and I’ll add to the list.

[Links go to the author page on; the book page on; and the source of the grade level recommendation.]

Book Title Author
Grade Level (approx.)
Fairy Tales Grimm, The Brothers K-3
Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz Baum, L. Frank K-6
Raggedy Ann Stories Gruelle, Johnny 1
The Light Princess MacDonald, George 1-2
The Happy Prince and Other Tales Wilde, Oscar 1-4
The Secret Garden Burnett, Frances Hodgson 2
Heidi Spyri, Johanna 2-6
The Tale of Peter Rabbit Potter, Beatrix 3
The Arabian Nights: Their Best-known Tales Wiggin, Kate Douglas Smith 3-5
The Swiss Family Robinson Wyss, Johann David 3-8
My Father’s Dragon Gannett, Ruth Stiles 4
The Velveteen Rabbit Williams, Margery 4
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Baum, L. Frank 5
The Adventures of Buster Bear Burgess, Thornton W. 5
The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel Burgess, Thornton W. 5
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Carroll, Lewis 5
The Story of Doctor Dolittle
Lofting, Hugh 5
White Fang
London, Jack
Anne of Green Gables Montgomery, Lucy Maud 5
The Enchanted Castle Nesbit, E. 5
The Railway Children Nesbit, E. 5
Adventures of Tom Sawyer Twain, Mark 5
Jack and Jill Alcott, Louisa May 6
Peter Pan Barrie, J.M. 6
Jungle Book Kipling, Rudyard 6
Black Beauty Sewell, Anna 6
Little Women Alcott, Louisa May 7
Call of the Wild London, Jack 7
The Princess and the Goblin MacDonald, George 7
Treasure Island Stevenson, Robert Louis 7
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Wiggin, Kate Douglas Smith 8
The Wind in the Willows Grahame, Kenneth 8
Robinson Crusoe Defoe, Daniel 9

3 thoughts on “List of Public Domain (Free) Books for Kids, by Grade Level

  1. Erin

    What a great resourse! May I read any of these out loud on my Reading Teacher FB site? I want to read Aloud classics for children who may not otherwise read them. Thank you!

    1. Matt Morgan Post author

      These are public domain works. You can read them aloud, satirize them, reprint them and claim them as your own, or print them out and chop them into thousands of tiny bits to make a children’s literature collage. Go for it!


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