We moved to Philadelphia in December 2017, so we’ve been here just under 16 months. Here are the main differences between Philly and NYC:

  • Restaurant food in the sub-$100 range (dinner for two) is lots better in Philly. And there’s a BYO culture here that means lots of restaurants are in that range.
  • It’s way smaller. You can live in the suburbs and still be like 20 minutes from the middle of town.
  • There are lots fewer international people in Philly.
  • There are no good corner stores–bodegas or Korean grocers–in Philly. It’s not a thing. I mean there are probably some somewhere, but it’s not like there’s probably one near you.
  • Obviously real estate is a lot cheaper in Philly.
  • Obviously NYC is way cooler.

1 thought on “Philadelphia

  1. Matt Morgan Post author

    Two more thoughts:

    1. Mysteriously, people don’t jaywalk here. I mean not as much. The streets are really narrow so it’s easy to get across. But I think there’s an understanding about how car traffic would just not move at all if pedestrians asserted themselves.

    2. It’s nice here. Easier than NYC. It’s just … I mean we’re in Philly, one of the oldest cities in the country, and it’s way less dense and developed. NYC is special.


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