In Support of LGBTQ+ Neighbors and Friends

In the wake of the over 380 anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced in the US this year alone, including many recent bills explicitly targeting members of the transgender community, Concrete Computing unambiguously stands with the LGBTQ+ community and against fear, misinformation, and hate of all kinds.

LGBTQ+ people are our friends and family. They are our neighbors and members of our communities. Here at Concrete Computing, they are our team members, partners, vendors, and valued customers. We stand firmly with the LGBTQ+ community against fear, misinformation, and hate because these harms go against who we are as an organization, and ask that our ecosystem do the same. To back up our commitment and align our values with our actions, we are working to leverage our resources and core business practices to push back against these harmful developments, and continuing to invest in a healthy and inclusive workplace for everyone—including LGBTQ+ people.

For many of us, there may be learning ahead of us to understand how to help LGBTQ+ people feel the same sense of support, inclusion, and belonging as we would wish for ourselves. We understand that we’re all at different places in our understanding, and will have many professional development resources available for those who request them. What we won’t compromise on is our commitment to the respect and dignity of our LGBTQ+ community members, and our promise to all of you that no matter your background, Concrete Computing stands behind your right to exist free from discrimination and hate.

text borrowed from Lily Zheng.

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