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A simple marketing plan for an advocacy startup

In 2014 I took a job as Director of Product Management at America Achieves, working primarily on their Raise The Bar program. America Achieves is a nonprofit startup accelerator, and Raise The Bar was its program dedicated to aiding parents in supporting their children’s education. It was exciting to get back into advocacy (1993-1999 I […]

What we did for AIC (the genesis of our Concierge CIO service)

The American Institute of Conservation (AIC) is the largest professional association for people dedicated to the conservation of artistic and cultural works. They hired me (Matt Morgan) to be their Digital Strategy Advocate; we didn’t know it at the time, but that was the birth of Concrete Computing’s Concierge CIO service. As a Concierge CIO, […]

A few words about the Metropolitan Museum of Art Website Relaunch

I was the primary lead on The Met’s website relaunch 2009-2012. We called it a “relaunch” rather than a redesign or rebuild because it really was about the whole site–strategy, design, technology, workflows, marketing, fundraising, everything. In 1999, The Met launched a website that made a lot of news and broke some new ground. There […]

What “Zero IT” means

“Perfection is attained, not when no more can be added, but when no more can be removed.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery This quote is a maxim — almost an ideology — in user experience design (UX). We believe in making websites, consumer products, interactive devices, brands, exhibition spaces, retail shops, you name it, as easy […]

Don’t talk about page length in web design reviews

If you think a page is too long, there are only a few things you can do: 1. Remove content items 2. Write more concisely 3. Squish things together more (use smaller fonts, diminish line spacing, remove white space, etc.) You shouldn’t squish things together more, unless the design is actually bad. You should always […]