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A simple marketing plan for an advocacy startup

In 2014 I took a job as Director of Product Management at America Achieves, working primarily on their Raise The Bar program. America Achieves is a nonprofit startup accelerator, and Raise The Bar was its program dedicated to aiding parents in supporting their children’s education. It was exciting to get back into advocacy (1993-1999 I […]

In Support of LGBTQ+ Neighbors and Friends

In the wake of the over 380 anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced in the US this year alone, including many recent bills explicitly targeting members of the transgender community, Concrete Computing unambiguously stands with the LGBTQ+ community and against fear, misinformation, and hate of all kinds. LGBTQ+ people are our friends and family. They are our neighbors […]

Grant funding breaks everything

Grant funding, which asserts that big infusions of cash can bring some operation to a new level, sometimes handcuffs nonprofits. Think about this: when we attend a museum exhibition with an interactive technology element, we’re not at all surprised to see a lot of it not working right. There’s one very common reason for this. […]

Let’s start measuring impact at art museums

In the last few months several major institutions have publicly scaled back on digital operations, often as part of larger cost-cutting plans. Others have reorganized, or lost experienced tech staff in response to diminishing executive expectations. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, for example, is scaling back on digital in order to cut costs. Staff of […]

DuckDuckGo–the Search Engine You Should Be Using

  The original version of this post is available at ARLIS/NA Multimedia and Technology Reviews. I am very grateful to Emilee Mathews, whose editorial work contributed immeasurably to the readability of this article. DuckDuckGo is a Web search site that competes with Google, Bing, and other major players. DuckDuckGo’s premise, and its major competitive advantage, […]