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In Support of LGBTQ+ Neighbors and Friends

In the wake of the over 380 anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced in the US this year alone, including many recent bills explicitly targeting members of the transgender community, Concrete Computing unambiguously stands with the LGBTQ+ community and against fear, misinformation, and hate of all kinds. LGBTQ+ people are our friends and family. They are our neighbors […]

List of Public Domain (Free) Books for Kids, by Grade Level

[Greetings, visitors. I want to let everyone know that I do tech consulting for nonprofits and small businesses. Any organization with less than about 50 staff that needs a rebuilt website, more effective CRM, or tech guidance or management (“virtual CIO” work) could probably use my help. I encourage you to check out my home […]

DuckDuckGo–the Search Engine You Should Be Using

  The original version of this post is available at ARLIS/NA Multimedia and Technology Reviews. I am very grateful to Emilee Mathews, whose editorial work contributed immeasurably to the readability of this article. DuckDuckGo is a Web search site that competes with Google, Bing, and other major players. DuckDuckGo’s premise, and its major competitive advantage, […]

News about the “Simian Selfie” is missing the point.

There’s a lot of talk this week (nice haranguing article in El Reg) about the unfortunate photographer, David Slater, who got a black macaque to take a great picture of itself a few years ago, and how Wikipedia editors can’t agree that the photo should be copyrighted to Slater, since it was actually taken by […]