About Matt Morgan, and This Blog

I’ve been working in tech since around 1990. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a lot of great places, at times of great technical evolution, or even revolution. My career has brought me to all these great institutions:

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where I coded database tools for managing data from the Human Genome Project;
  • Systems Applications, Inc. (apparently gone now, it was an air quality consulting firm in San Rafael, CA), where I developed databases of air quality data and resident complaints;
  • Stony Brook University’s School of Atmospheric and Marine Sciences, where I got an MS researching fractal methods for topological investigation;
  • Environmental Defense Fund, where I managed the servers, desktops and laptops, and coded and launched the first generation of online nonprofit advocacy and fundraising tools, as well as founding their website;
  • Brooklyn Museum, where I founded the IT department and we launched influential open-source tools for building and managing educational technology;
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art, where we got the entire collection online, often with big hi-res imagery; rebuilt the website; founded a huge and successful social media operation; and raised millions of dollars online;
  • Briefly, The New York Public Library, where we made online advocacy lots more successful, strategized and implemented Single Sign-on (connecting the book catalog to event registrations, for example), reinvigorated the website group, and refocused some operations on web visitors;
  • Even more briefly, NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where, as Chief Digital Officer, I completed a strategy investigation leading to recommendations that should substantially increase enrollment rates among accepted students;
  • In 2014, I advised the Kramlich Collection (see this Artspace article for an intro) on selecting a combined asset/collections management system;
  • From 2015-2017, I was at America Achieves and Learning Heroes (as consulting VP of Technology), rebuilding websites, implementing Salesforce, directing product on Raise the Bar and Be A Learning Hero, advising on technology infrastructure for a variety of AA’s initiatives, and building tools to make standardized tests more valuable to kids and parents;
  • In 2017 I worked on tech and digital strategy for the New Mexico Public Education Department, refocusing their operations from a compliance model to a customer-service model and leading to the launch of their new parent site;
  • I serve as Digital Strategy Advocate at the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, helping to make digital competency a more effective part of the conservation profession and advising on technology and digital strategy;
  • And most recently, for five years I was CTO at the amazing Curtis Institute of Music, where I led a strategic growth project, migrated everything to the cloud, rebuilt the website and online marketing , and integrated the Student Information System, the fundraising system, and the finance system into a single CRM.

For a fuller bio, see my Linkedin profile. My resume is here; it includes lots of live links to a representative portfolio of my work. Or review a history of my postings to MCN-L, the email list of the professional organization for museum technology.

This blog is likely to include some posts about the technical ways large, scholarly nonprofit institutions and their visitors intersect. Most of the posts will be more personal (sometimes even ridiculous).

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